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统计过程控制 SPC

Course: Statistical Process Control


时长/Duration: 2 days

语言/Language: CN/EN



SPC is the abbreviation of statistical process control. It is a process control tool that uses statistics methods. As one of the five quality tools, SPC was originated from the United States in the 1920s. Over a past century, it has spread all over the world and has become one of the most classic tools in the field of quality management. In China, SPC has been widely used in manufacturing industry, and gradually has made its impact in other industries as well.


Based on the systematic introduction of SPC principles and tools, this course takes real cases as the starting point to explain the specific operation steps of SPC in simple terms, so that every participant can master this tool from the core.



SPC是统计过程控制(Statistical Process Control)的缩写,是一种借助统计学方法的过程控制工具。作为质量五大工具之一,SPC于19世界20年代诞生于美国,近一个世纪来传遍世界各国,成为质量领域最经典的工具之一。在我国,SPC已经广泛应用于制造业,并逐渐在其他行业产生影响。




Target Audience

Middle to senior technical and management personnel in the field of quality, production and technology.






At the end of this session, participants will:

• Understand the basics of statistics

• Understand the principle and application of SPC, and be able to plan and deduce the application of enterprise SPC project

• Understand the basic principle of control chart

• Master the practical skills of establishing and using conventional control charts

• Master the analytical method of control chart and its improvement strategy

• Understand the basic principles of process capability analysis

• Master the methods of calculating CP, Cpk, PP and PPK with different data distribution

• Be familiar with statistical analysis software - Minitab




• 了解统计学基本原理

• 了解SPC 原理和应用,能够策划和推导企业SPC项目的应用

• 理解控制图的基本原理

• 掌握建立和运用常规控制图的实战技巧

• 掌握控制图的解析方法及其改善策略

• 理解过程能力分析的基本原理

• 掌握计算不同数据分布的CP、CPK、PP、PPK的方法

• 熟悉统计分析软件 – Minitab的基本操作方法


Course Outline

• Introduction to basic knowledge of Statistics

• Introduction to basic concepts of statistical process control

• Basic principles of process capability analysis

• Introduction and demonstration of statistical analysis software - Minitab

• Practical steps of process capability analysis

◦ Calculation of CP / CPK of normal distribution and its operation in Minitab

◦ Calculation of CP / CPK of non-normal distribution and its operation in Minitab

Case explanation of process capability analysis

Basic principle of control chart

Operation steps, deviation criteria and corresponding process improvement directions different types of control charts listed below:

◦ I - MR chart

◦ X bar - R chart

◦ X bar - s chart

◦ C chart

◦ U chart

◦ NP chart

◦ P chart

Case explanation of control chart



• 统计学基础知识介绍

• 统计过程控制基本概念介绍

• 过程能力分析的基本原理

• Minitab统计分析软件讲解与演示

• 过程能力分析的实操步骤

◦ 正态分布Cp/Cpk计算及在Minitab中的实操练习

◦ 非正态分布过程能力计算及在Minitab中的实操练习

• 过程能力分析的案例讲解

• 控制图的基本原理

• 分类详解控制图的实操步骤、判异标准及对应的流程改善方向

◦ I - MR 控制图

◦ X bar - R 控制图

◦ X bar - S 控制图

◦ C 控制图

◦ U 控制图

◦ nP 控制图

◦ P 控制图

• 控制图的案例讲解



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