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职场英语写作课 Business English Writing

 Course: Business English Writing  (BEW)

课程名称:商务英语写作 (BEW)

时长/Duration: 1 day

语言/Language: CN/EN


Training Background

The importance and practical mastery of English as a common language of communication has become beyond doubt.  Especially for those who are working in foreign companies in China, how to use English written expression and business writing for communication, project reporting, and meeting organization has become an important challenge and a must for daily application. How to master Business English writing proficiently, so that it is both professional and highly effective, is also a powerful bonus skill in personal career development.






Course Introduction

Business English is aimed at adapting to the language requirements of workplace life, and the content involves all aspects of business activities.  Among them, Business English Writing is in the form of written expression, according to different business scenarios (such as: writing emails, compiling reports, sending instant messages, etc.), expressing relevant content clearly and efficiently, raising questions, appeals and solutions with suggestions, etc. When well applied, it can be used to promote the development of work and the coordination and distribution of manpower among relevant personnel of the organization.

This course will teach the students how to master the basic points and writing skills of Business English Writing in combination with western corporate management concepts, work philosophy, culture and habits in the working scenarios, so as to promote efficient communication and work. Proper application can help to achieve twice the result with half the effort!






Target audience

Middle and high-level management personnel involved in English business activities in foreign companies, or relevant personnel who want to learn and improve Business English Writing practice






Training Objective

At the end of the course, students will master the basic expression methods and skills of Business English Writing, practice in teams through case studies and role-play scenes, find out the problems and areas that need to be improved in actual application, and begin to apply them to their own work environment.






Training Content

  • • General skills in business English writing
  •   ◦     Basic framework and structure of Business English Writing

  •   ◦     Commonly used efficient phrases and sentence patterns (incl. phrasing exercises)

  •   ◦     Analysis of western management concepts, culture and communication habits

  •   ◦     Analysis of common English expression mistakes in business writing and advices on how to avoid them (incl. case study)

  • • Business English writing essentials and case study in three different business scenarios

  •   ◦     Email drafting

  •   ◦     Business reporting

  •   ◦     Instant messages (E.G. WeChat)

  • • Scenario exercises and actual case sharing of students - to improve and enhance in practice



  • • 商务英语写作的通用技巧
  •   ◦     商务英语写作的基本框架和结构
  •   ◦     常用的高效短语和句型表达(包含学员造句练习)
  •   ◦     西方的企业管理理念、文化及沟通习惯分析
  •   ◦     商务写作常见的英语表达错误案例分析和如何规避建议
  • • 不同商务场景下的写作要点讲解及案例分析
  •   ◦     商务邮件
  •   ◦     工作报告
  •   ◦     即时信息(如微信
  • • 以上商务场景情景练习和学员实际案例分析



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